Why Do You Need A MarkForged Mark Two For Your Company?

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing has strongly established its position in the field of industrial production. This approach has successfully created stronger and lighter parts which are used in different industries. Among the top brands in 3D printing, one that is widely used today is the MarkForged Mark Two. This 3D printer is designed for serious manufacturing and engineering purposes. It is also popular for its power and efficiency. Moreover, it can go from CAD to end-use strong and versatile parts in just a few minutes.

If you are still wondering why you should use such a printer, you should read the list below.


For small production runs and applications, 3D printing is the most cost-effective manufacturing process. Traditional prototyping methods like CNC machining and injection moulding require a large number of expensive machines. They also entail more expensive labour costs, as they require experienced machine operators and technicians to run them.

This contrasts with the 3D printing process using MarkForged 2, where only 1 or 2 machines and even fewer operators are needed to manufacture a part, though depending on the system. It also wastes less material because the part is built from the ground up and not carved out of a solid block as it is in subtractive manufacturing, which usually does not require additional tooling.

Better quality

You can have poor designs and poorly executed prototypes with traditional manufacturing. Imagine a scenario where someone wants to bake a cake by combining all the ingredients, mixing them up, and putting them in the oven to cook. If the elements did not mix well, the cake would have several issues, such as air bubbles, uncooked parts, or poor taste. That is how subtractive or injection moulds can sometimes be. You are not assured of quality 100% of the time. On the other hand, 3D printing with printers like MarkForged Mark Two allows the step-by-step assembly of the object, which guarantees enhanced designs and eventually better quality objects.


A significant advantage of 3D printing over other processes is that any given printer can create almost anything that fits within its build volume. With traditional manufacturing processes, each new part or change in part design requires a new tool, mould, die, or jig to be manufactured to create the new part.

3D printers like MarkForged Mark 2 allow the creation and manufacture of geometries generally impossible for traditional methods to produce, either as a single part, or at all. These geometries include hollow spaces in solid parts as well as parts within parts.

In contrast to traditional methods, 3D printing allows the inclusion of multiple materials into a single object, allowing the mix and match of colours, textures, and mechanical properties.

As a result, this allows any user, even those with limited CAD experience, to edit designs however they like, creating unique, customised new parts. This also means any given design can be manufactured using a wide range of different materials.

Advance time-to-market turnaround

Consumers want products that work for their lifestyle. Runners want lighter running shoes, and this means using lighter materials. Gamers want seamless, lifelike experiences, and this means systems with faster and more intelligent processors. Drivers want vehicles that make commuting easier, even going as far as wanting cars that drive themselves. All consumers want products that work well, and they want them now, and it’s up to manufacturers to meet these demands.

3D printing using MarkForged Mark 2 can help meet the increasing customer demand for new products by reducing design-to-production times. With 3D printing, designers develop ideas using CAD software. They then send these designs to be 3D printed to build functional prototypes. Afterwards, engineers and designers can use these printed models to evaluate the design and test features, depending on their desired purpose. This process takes just days to complete, compared to traditional processes which could take weeks.

Make lighter but durable parts

Aerospace companies are always looking for ways to save weight on their aeroplanes. Every ounce saved means more weight is available for passengers or cargo. But it’s crucial to maintain the strength and integrity of the aircraft. Designers often use complex matrix designs to achieve this. These parts are difficult to produce with traditional machining techniques. 3D printing using a MarkForged 2 printer is a perfect solution for building these complex parts.

Whether you are developing a prototype or creating a customised part, you must think of the machines and processes to be used. By using additive manufacturing and a 3D printer like MarkForged Mark Two, you can turn your concepts into reality faster than traditional manufacturing. As a result, you become effective and efficient in your processes. In case you wish to get your results in just a few minutes, consider getting a 3D printer and all its benefits when working on a project.

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